Don't have a dwg or dxf drawing? Try the inbuilt Shapemate for common profiles, got something more complex? contact our sales team where we can convert most drawing types.

The online quotation is supplementary to our estimating capabilities, for fabrications and multi-process components, please email your drawings to

For customers who don't have a trade account, once you have got your quote and sent your order to us, be sure to complete your transaction by hitting the Pay Now button, be sure to enter your invoice or quote number at the PayPal screen with the full amount payable. Failure to enter your reference number could result in a delay in processing your order.

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The small print! new registrations have to be approved and can take up to 24 hours, although usually confirmed within 15 minutes during office hours. Credit accounts for new trade customers can take up to a week to process and are at Roo Engineering's discretion.

Any queries please don'y hesitate to contact the team on 01782 970 020.